【Personal Growth 】Tips and Tools to Increase Your Spiritual Connection

【Personal Growth 】Tips and Tools to Increase Your Spiritual Connection

I really have no ideas where did , and when did I find this article.

It just somehow caught my eyes in my personal memos, 

which I got the intuition to share on my website.😊

Wish you all could be closer and warmer with your own vibration and the Guidance 😊

The Angels WANT you to get your own guidance,

they want you to experience their presence and they want you to be able to remove blockages for yourself.

So they have asked me as a channel, to share some of My own tips and tools that I use for my personal and wonderful clients….

Grounding Is Essential.

This was a hard one for me.

I loved floating so much and loved connecting too much,

who wants to be in their physical body all of the time anyway? 

Well the angels would like you to know being ungrounded is about as effective as trying to carry water in a leaky bucket.

All of the meditations, Oracle card work, asking the angels to speak to you won’t help too much

if you are literally away with the fairies and can’t hear them.

Guidance can fall on deaf ears…

Grounding is essential for those that are sensitive to energy, their own, planetary and other peoples.

If you are the kind of person that walks into a room and feels the energy strongly,

or feels drained when you have been with people you are sensitive to energy.

Or if you are a existing practitioner and you get tired after working with customers, then the likelihood is that grounding is what is missing.


People ‘think’ that if they ground, or close down after they have been working with energy

that they will lessen their gift.

It’s just not the case.

It’s a little like leaving your car battery on charge all of the time,

it won’t last as long or be half as a efficient because it is running and charging constantly.

Grounding allows you to open up fully in all of your spiritual power and increase the amount of vibration you can hold,

the amount of light you can absorb and then radiate.

Grounding will help the amount of information you not only perceive but also receive to strengthen and grow.

Your Crowing Glory

I love the process of connecting with Angels and Spirit,

but you have to work up to spending long periods of time in the spiritual realms.

Sometimes connecting feels so good that it can be like eating ice cream,

where sometimes too much of a good thing can leave us feeling a little worse for wear without realizing it.

I now realize that it’s the quality rather than the quantity that really Does count.

So easy ways to ground:

Every time you have worked with energy whether it is Angel Energy or Guides or Loved ones,

is to remember you need to close your crown.

Your Crown Chakra is the gateway to heaven,

and it is the way that all clairvoyant guidance comes in and is either felt, sensed, heard or seen.

Closing Your Crown is a little like closing your window after a beautiful sunny day,

you can open it back up first thing – but you don’t want to catch a chill.

One method I use to close the crown is simply to ask my customers to Imagine a Gold Hat on their head –

it doesn’t matter if this ‘hat’ is a beanie or a full blown Fedora,

after meditating with whatever energy you choose then please see yourself in your minds eye twirling your hat clock wise three times.

It is also wise to eat something and drink something after working with energy.

Grounding is needed to allow your powers to grow

We all want to be better, more able to get our own guidance,

and see and feel that our intuition is growing.

Most likely you don’t actually realize a lot of the time how good your intuition actually is.

Grounding though, is a little like putting the baking powder in your cake mix –

your gift can’t grow and develop if you are floating everywhere, you are actually wasting a lot of your spiritual stamina.

Ways to ground are wide ranging, from wearing red socks to bed if you tend to leave your body,

through to holding a stone or a red crystal as you meditate.

Eating red foods is a wonderful way to keep grounded especially if you are going through a changeable time.

Every night after I have finished working with my amazing clients I ignore my children cries for mum,

and take ten minutes to see my chakras being cleared and to see tree roots going down through my body and into the centre of the earth,

I then breathe up that beautiful golden light through my chakra column until it reaches my crown and then see it spilling over my aura.

It means that my spiritual housekeeping is done and the next time I open up I will be stronger than I was before.

Removing Fear & Blockages

I get many emails from people asking how they can remove fear.

I share a wonderful technique with my private customers,

but one I would really advocate is using the colors yellow and orange,

and either burn a candle of this color or get yourself some beautiful fresh flowers.

As you look at the flowers simply ‘breathe in’ the yellow and see it cleansing your Solar Plexus chakra which is all about esteem and identity. Orange too is associated with our ability to receive and our ability to believe (which in turn affects our ability to attract)

so breathing Orange into your Sacral Chakra automatically cleanses clears lifts and ignites your sense of personal power and magic.

Breath is the way I help people to remove blockages.

So listening to a wonderful meditation and breathing the color you need through your body and allowing yourself to be fully present in the moment will allow the colour to begin to do its work.

I use Sky Blue for cleansing abundance blockages.
Green for health issues.
Orange for attraction and also identity issues.
Red and Gold for money issues.
White and Purple for worry issues.

Using candles, fresh flowers, even bowls of brightly colored fruit are wonderful ways to begin to get your energy flowing.

Tips To Connect

I’m always asked ‘why don’t I hear them?’ or ‘why don’t I see my angels?’

Not everyone is designed to actually see angels externally, I don’t myself.

I see angel energy and I feel them and hear them, but connecting is individual for everyone, but everyone can do it.

I use a method which is about feeling compassion for yourself.

The Angels tell us that they ‘arrive’ in our heart centre so breathing into the heart centre and feeling compassion for yourself total acceptance, and to let any frustrations go is the way to connect.

Then I take an ‘elevator’ and raise this compassion or gratitude up through all of my higher chakras and keep sending my intention up,

when you feel yourself ‘flowering’ and opening and even a little ‘high’ that is your sign you are in the energy of the Angels.

Meeting them halfway is the idea.

They will come to you and are with you but if you don’t raise YOUR vibration you are not able to feel them and sense them.

Invest to Progress

Sometimes you can feel frustrated as if your growth is just not happening in the way you want it too.

This is where an investment of time and energy and also some guidance is a great idea.

Here on Ask Angels there are many amazing angel courses designed to help you do just that.

If you’re having a hard time even knowing for sure they are with you,

then either an Angel Healing Reading or a Guardian Angel Reading will show you in so many ways that they are with you see your frustration at whatever your ability or reality is showing you and they will give you easy tips to begin your own opening and flowering so that the guidance like the tides just ebb and flow in beautiful ways.

Next week I’ll be sharing my own personal method of invoking angels and asking them to help you discover your own magic as a creator.

Strap in and enjoy the ride.

~Angelic Channel Sheelagh Maria

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